Useful Links

  1. That's us,,
    Home of good scripts.
    No hassle, no ads, no pop-ups, no dancing logos. Almost like a visit in a public library.
    Have your own arm chair, and we supply the free reading material.
  2. World Wide Web Consortium Markup Validation Service
    where you can check the validity of your pages before or after you publish them.
  3. Dynamic Drive DHTML code library
    Free, original DHTML scripts and components, all of which utilize the latest in DHTML and JavaScript technology.
  4. Jeffrey Zeldman's Web site
    Free downloads of chapters from a must-have book. The writer is a real Web guru, not one of the many self-proclaimed ones; a funny but worrying warrior of browser compliance to standards.
    Articles on Web programming, Ajax, ...
  6. Useful CSS site
    where coding, markup, stylesheets, and internet matters are discussed. Good articles about tableless design, fixing the IE broken box, ...
  7. A good summary of using inline frames.